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Oil Painting demonstration

Csaba Markus talk on his sfumato technique and blending Renaissance style with symbolism. His oil painting begins with a grisaille in a gray or sepia, as a monochromatic version of the finished piece. When this is dry, Markus begins to add layers of glaze in different colors, letting each layer dry before adding the next one. Since the layers are all somewhat transparent, the result is a combination of the colors, creating a final hue as if the painter has simply mixed the colors.

Watercolor demonstration

A wonderful resource that provides lots of information about watercolor papers, brushes, paints, color theory, palettes, techniques, and more.

Learn Rembrandt's Method

Csaba Markus for 40 years he were working with etchings and refine the Rembrandt method.

However, what is extraordinary about Markus’s printmaking is how he experimented with Dry-Point etching technic to produce noticeable differences from one plate-pressing to another—a revolutionary technique that ultimately made a lasting impact on the fine art quality of etching.

Drawing demonstration

Whether you’ve never drawn before or have been drawing for years, Let’s watch Csaba Markus to creat his original master-pieces. He will focus on a different topic or technique. No experience necessary!